Rossano Astremo

Io oso

traduzione di Taddeo Roccasalda

I dare

(second digression about flight)

I cannot buid a wax ring with the slaver coming out
from the metal eyes of impure and holy sex

I cannot sacrifice the torture of blood-staining bones
among prayers spurting in better years’ lattices

I cannot tell one more time the frail balance
of pure and embattled tears in you tired ears

I can no longer lie before the boundless joy
that nothing but the colour of your eyes can give

I dare and dare more and more ‘cause I don’t fear
the obsessed in vanity pills on hot sauce

I dare and dare more and more among offered lager beers
and warm wines of witty intoxication in the swollen liver

I cannot wander about graves full of flowers
acting as a wise old man, expert in life

I cannot turn into poisonous ivy among grey and prickly plants
breathing air in pinky oblivion holes

I cannot play the logorrheic wandering fool
of the violent fall into thorny waste paper scrubs

I can’t believe once again you don’t hear the steps
of my timeless feet on empty ground

I dare and dare always more among people’s disbelief
exploding to the rhythm of rock and roll’s slaver

I can’t escape from TV that charms me with her lustful
whore’s breast with legs opened to pleasure

I cannot hide my long and curly hairs from the carnal sex
emitted continually by the telecommunication power

I cannot dance playing percussive and eruptive drums
while you eat pork and scratch your balls

I can’t pretend nothing happened while you fuck radio waves
whose frequency vomits for its reached orgasm

I dare and dare more and more ‘cause I fear not the shitty
crazy poisons that want to bagger me
I cannot rape continually the reading of clashing lines
while I let myself go into familiar arms

I cannot rear an eagle’s eyrie if in the end they’ll fly away
leaving me as a desperate and failed bird

I cannot hear the unceasing noise of planes
ready to head straight into my mouth to buy bad oil

I cannot bleed at the hair for the blows on the head I continually get
when I dance to a Bach’s tune in the yard

I dare and dare more and more ‘cause I can’t bear – I never will –
those bastard friends who love to screw me behind my back

I dare and dare always more shedding tears on my twisted guitar
hanging on the bones bent to so many drinks.