Dario Brandi

I chewed each word carefully

traduzione di Taddeo Roccasalda

______hoping my saliva
______would leaven it with my thoughts
_______________Superstitious fears
_________ minarets from which
___________ the soul addresses
_________conscientiousness people
to carry out pacific insurrections
______with fleets and troops
______ purified of any simbol
_____ and subdued by humanity
Then I looked for each movement
___ hoping my nerves
_________would overexpand it
______giving me those pangs
________of terrible tortures,
______lethal weapons against
______ the unyielding illegalized ideal,
_________and offering me the right support for
_________… and endless point of my arrival.
I built very high walls
____hoping each stone
_________would bind itself to the previous
_________and the next one
__________________unquestionable union
______________of heterhomogeneity
______________ now and never regarded as possible
_________by flesh-'n'-bones and other incostant
___________elements of the gloomy
And I wanted___I wanted all that very deeply
______not to be consumed one more time
____________under the game of
_______________methodical survival.